Design and print labels with barcodes , images , texts ..
database , serialization
1D barcodes (EAN13 , Code39 , Code128 ,
Upc , Ean128 , SSCC , EAN14 ...) and 2D barcodes (Datamatrix)

Software for Windows Vista / Xp / 2000
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Q: How to print on labels printers (like Datamax or Zebra for example )

A: For these printers , one label is like one page so the page jump function generate the jump to the next label.
So with these printer it's necessary on easybarcodelabel to define a labels format with only one label .

It's also necessary to verify that on the printer driver under windows, the document size corresponds well to the size of label

Q: How to print the EAN13 , EAN8 barcodes with the standard display
A: The standard presentation of the text under the barcodes can be obtain with the software to select the text display "BOTTOM LEFT"

Q: is it possible to use data coming from several field of database as values of a text zone ?
A: It's possible : simply use expression like [*n*] to specify that value come from field value.
So define a text zone like using fixed value and then use these expression on the value.
for example

will concatenate value of field1 and field2

Q: How to insert EAN128 FNC1 code
A: simply insert symbol ƒ ( ALT+159 ) on the value

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